Hello black belt! 

Yes, it is possible to have your black belt grade approved by WFJ. After that you can have your name and rank to the WFJ blackbelt list.

But it is not easy! Many things have an effect on this. It helps a lot if you have shown good martial art skills during WFJ-competitions or WFJ-seminars. WFJ has a tough and serious reputation. This means that all WFJ black belts are real fighters. The quality of WFJ black belts is really high. 

Here is steps how the procedure goes:

1. Fill carefully WFJ-dan application form. OBS. Every detail must be filled truthfully. Your application will be turned down automatically if you have given any false information.

2. WFJ representatives check carefully your application, contact to your teacher and club and gather enough backround information. In many cases there could also be on interview or arranged occasion to check your martial art skills.

3. After the process WFJ representative contact to you and let you know: 

- Your Dan grade is approved or failed.